May 29, 2020 by Adapt Your Life

The Truth About The Carnivore Diet – Dr. Shawn Baker

Do we need to eat plants? Dr. Shawn Baker gives us the full lowdown on the carnivore diet, what it can do for your gut & glucose & how ketones can help you.

May 27, 2020 by Adapt Your Life

COVID-19 Q&A Session – Dr. Westman

Does the keto diet help boost your immune system to fight the Coronavirus? Find out as Glen Finkel & Dr. Westman have a Q&A session to discuss all things COVID-19 and whether or not type two diabetes or metabolic-related illnesses put you at greater risk with the disease.

April 10, 2020 by Adapt Your Life

Managing Diabetes While Social Distancing – Dr. Eric Westman [COVID-19 tips]

Dr. Westman discusses diabetes management while you are staying at home and social distancing/isolating. During the COVID19 epidemic, many areas are under lockdown and quarantine, which undoubtedly affects our normal routines and most importantly our dietary patterns. If you’re diabetic, there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of during these difficult times. […]

April 3, 2020 by Adapt Your Life

Make Your Own Coronavirus Face Mask – Dr. Eric Westman [COVID-19 tips]

From makeshift paper towel face masks to underwear face masks, if you’ve searched how to make a COVID19 face mask online, you’ve likely seen them all. While there are many DIY face mask patterns that are pretty simple to make at home, Dr. Westman tells us how to make a homemade Coronavirus face mask that’s […]

February 26, 2020 by Adapt Your Life

Discovering You Have Diabetes – Kim Minert

Kim Minert comically shares her journey, from discovering she was diabetic, to finding the ketogenic diet for her diabetes and how it’s changed her life. She reveals what inspired her book, “Derail diabetes,” and shares all about her cookbook that helps people create affordable keto meals.

September 16, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

3 Chronic Conditions That Benefit From Keto – Dr. Eric Westman

Can keto nutrition help more than just diabetes and metabolic syndrome? What other chronic illnesses can the keto diet cure or improve? Glen Finkel sits down with Dr. Westman to discuss the effects that following a low-carb diet has on conditions like psoriasis, heartburn, and asthma.

August 8, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

Is keto good for a fatty liver? – Dr. Westman

Is the keto diet good for a fatty liver? Find out as Dr. Westman reveals what really causes fatty liver and what you can do to fix it. He also has a few vital words of caution for those suffering from more severe cases of liver cirrhosis.

August 2, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

4 Keto myths debunked – Dr. Eric Westman

Dr. Westman is often baffled by the ever-changing myths surrounding the keto diet. These misconceptions plant doubts in the minds of many would-be keto dieters and prevent them from starting on this truly beneficial journey. Dr. Westman unwraps the 4 common myths of the keto diet and debunks them for good.

July 22, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

3 foods to avoid on keto – Glen Finkel

Avoid the trap of consuming large amounts of sugar unwittingly. Glen Finkel reveals the top 3 foods and drinks you should avoid and gives some helpful advice on how to ensure you never make these mistakes when choosing keto diet foods ever again.

July 8, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

What happens when we eat sugar? – Glen Finkel

Find out why a low-carb diet plan is the best health decision you can make. Glen Finkel provides some food for thought as he discusses the dangers of sugar and high-carb foods and explains how it affects the body, as well as the role of insulin in the body.

June 7, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

Is Keto Dangerous? – Dr. Eric Westman

Is the keto diet dangerous? Learn about the possible risks and the side effects when starting the keto diet and possible long-term adverse consequences

May 31, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

Keto The Easy Way – Dr. Eric Westman

Avoid the common mistakes people make when doing the keto diet on their own. Dr. Eric Westman reveals some tips and tricks on how to do keto the easy way.

March 29, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

Mistakes I Made Doing Keto – Dr. Jeffrey McDaniel

After experiencing numerous health problems and going through with bariatric surgery, Dr. Jeffrey McDaniel discovered the low-carb diet that changed his life. Find out about the 13 common mistakes people make when going keto.

March 22, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

3 Steps To Starting Keto – Dr. Ken & Neisha Berry

Read the 3 steps to starting a low-carb diet that Dr. Ken & Neisha Berry give to all their new patients below. Step #1 – Get rid of all sugars of any kind Even locally grown, organic honey and agave nectar. All sugar must go. Step #2 – Get rid of all grains.  This means […]

March 11, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

Don’t Make These Mistakes on Keto – Dr. Eric Westman

What are the top 3 biggest mistakes people make when following the keto diet? Glen Brad Finkel sits down with Dr. Eric Westman to discuss the most common pitfalls

January 4, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

Is Diabetes a Disease? – Dr. Jeffrey McDaniel

Dr. Jeff McDaniel, an obesity doctor from Atlanta Georgia, shares his candid views on the epidemic of obesity and how as a disease, it causes the onset of other diseases such as diabetes. He shares many of his own personal experiences and how the keto diet can help you heal your body of disease.

September 5, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Everything you need to know about Keto flu – Dr. Eric Westman

For some people starting a keto diet means experiencing the unpleasant side effects of the keto flu. Dr. Westman tells us how to get rid of keto flu, how long it lasts, what the symptoms are, and what actually causes keto flu in the first place.

August 8, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Pregnancy on a Keto diet – Dr. Eric Westman

Is the keto diet safe during pregnancy, or even while breastfeeding? Dr. Westman answers these controversial questions & more. He also reveals how low-carb diets help gestational diabetes, and how this can support the idea that there may be benefits when doing the keto diet while pregnant.

July 30, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Keto Cheesecake – Kelly Tan Peterson

Kelly has been traveling Asia promoting the launch of her cookbook, Keto East, but she’s back to show you how to satisfy your sweet tooth, without compromising your health. Just because you’re going low-carb doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods. With the help of Kelly you can still enjoy the sweeter […]

July 25, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Hairloss on a Keto diet – Dr. Eric Westman

Keto diet hair loss can be scary! Find out what really causes it as Dr. Eric Westman answers your most hairsplitting questions regarding hair loss on the ketogenic diet. He reveals his surprising answer on how to fix it and weighs in on whether on or not supplements for keto hair loss can help.

June 25, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Top 4 Benefits of a Low-Carb or Keto Diet – Dr. Eric Westman

There’s no denying that the keto diet is extremely popular, and there are many reasons why starting a keto diet could be a wonderful lifestyle change that’ll leave you feeling better than ever. Glen Finkel sits down with Dr. Westman and he shares what he thinks the top 4 benefits of a low-carb or keto diet are.

June 13, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Are Supplements or Vitamins Needed on a Low-Carb Diet? – Dr. Eric Westman

Find out what Dr. Eric Westman has to say about ensuring optimal keto nutrition. He gives his opinion on what the best supplements for keto diets are and weighs in on whether or not taking supplements, vitamins, or minerals on the keto diet is even needed.

May 30, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Is Low-Carb Right For You? –Dr. Eric Westman

Find out if a low-carb diet is right for you as Dr. Westman answers some frequently asked and controversial questions such as ‘Is a keto diet good for kids?’

May 16, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Calorie Counting & Keto – Dr. Eric Westman

Make sure you achieve weight loss on keto – Dr. Eric Westman shares some really helpful information that’ll help if you’re not losing weight on keto and discusses everything regarding keto and calorie counting. Find out why some people may need to do it while others don’t.

May 14, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Beginners Keto Questions Answered – Dr. Eric Westman

Dr. Eric Westman answers your questions and provides helpful guidelines on how to start the keto diet.

May 4, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

How Much Fiber is Allowed on a Keto Diet? – Dr. Westman

How much fiber is allowed on the keto diet? Dr. Westman shares some points on fiber and bowel movements & provides solutions for constipation on a keto diet.

April 3, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Managing Type 1 Diabetes – R.D Dikeman

Find out why using a low-carb diet for diabetes is essential. R.D Dikeman takes us through a day in the life of a type one diabetic and demonstrates how you can manage type one diabetes on a low-carb diet plan to avoid becoming hypoglycemic.

February 21, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Keto Adaptation Phase – Dr. Westman

You may know that the aim of starting a keto diet is to get into ketosis or become fat-adapted, but just how long does it take to become fat-adapted? Dr. Westman has an answer to this and many other questions related to what you may experience during the keto-adaptation phase.

January 25, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Medication On a Keto Diet – Dr. Eric Westman

Many of you have probably wondered “what supplements do I need to take on the keto diet?” Dr. Westman provides some helpful insight and also sheds some light on the effect that certain medications have on ketosis, and how you can get yourself off of them.

January 10, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Fruit & Veg On A Low-Carb Diet – Dr. Eric Westman

Everything you need to know about eating fruit & vegetables on a low-carb diet. Discover why you’re experiencing cravings & the difference between net & total carbs.