May 14, 2018 by Adapt Your Life

Beginners Keto Questions Answered – Dr. Eric Westman

People are often confused about how to start  the keto diet. Many think they need to have excessive amounts of fat and oil or that they’re not doing it right  if they’re not eating grass-fed beef. Dr. Westman explains why a lot of these practises aren’t necessary as he answers your questions and reveals the secrets of how to start the keto  diet easily. Read the transcript below or watch the video here.

Does protein turn to “chocolate cake”?

There’s a lot of debate on protein in the keto community about this, but the simple answer is no. Until science has proven it, you have to be careful and test  out what everyone says, on yourself. Certainly theoretically, some protein can turn into glucose.

This is one of the reasons why Dr. Westman teaches an adequate protein, not high protein diet. When you’re trying to be a fat burner or be a keto dieter, the amount of protein may matter, but it depends on your metabolism and it’s hard to make general guidelines for everyone which a lot of people feel compelled to do. You can monitor your own protein intake and modulate it or manipulate it and see how it affects you personally.

Is eating bacon and sausage good on the ketogenic diet?” 

The basics of the keto diet is to keep the carbohydrate level low so that you start burning fat. Bacon and sausage are good sources of proteins and fats which means that they’re good for a keto diet.

Should obese people limit fat on keto and make protein high?

Dr. Westman advises people to get a list of foods or a general book like “Keto Clarity”, or a handbook that starts out with the basic teaching and that’s to keep the carbohydrates low and not to worry about the protein and fat amount so much. If you’re eating real foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, shellfish and eggs, you’re going to be getting some fat with the protein that you eat.

Can you do a keto diet If you have a fatty liver?

As people who’ve been feeding pigs for a long time will know, the more carbs you feed an animal, the more fatty liver there is. In fact, that’s called foie gras or fatty liver, a French delicacy where animals are fed corn. If a high-carb or high-sugar diet causes fatty liver, then the keto diet actually fixes fatty liver.

Can you eat too many pork rinds?

Pork rinds, chicharrón, chicharrónez or meat skins may seem like a good thing to snack on because they have no carbs, but they do have calories, so you need to be careful that you don’t end up mindlessly eating them. They can then become a trigger food or become a source of calories that will slow or stop the weight loss. You want to be careful about the consumption of any food that has calories in it. However, if you’re starting out, you don’t have to worry about it and rather focus on keeping your carb intake low.


We know just how many people are looking for helpful guidelines on how to start with the keto diet. Dr. Eric Westman reveals the secrets on how to do the keto diet easily, he provides insightful answers to your questions and highlights some of the benefits you may experience when following the keto diet correctly.