Everything you need to know about the Adapt Bars.

1. Are all the Adapt Bars the same?

No, they are not. We offer 4 types of Adapt Bars: Keto Bar Mini, Keto Nut Mini, Nut + Seed Bar and Protein Bar.

2. Which Adapt Bar is right for ME?

Keto Bar Mini & Keto Nut Mini – The gold standard of keto bars! Ideal for those on a strict therapeutic keto diet or for those who need to stay in Ketosis (diabetic friendly).

Adapt Nut + Seed Bar – Low NET carb bars, ideal for those that can tolerate slightly more TOTAL carb.

Adapt Protein Bars – Low NET carb bars, Ideal for those who workout or live an active lifestyle.

3. What is the difference between Adapt Bars and other low-carb/keto bars?

The Adapt difference is in the ingredients we use. No chemicals preservatives, No added sugars and a strong focus on limiting carbs.

4. Do you add sugars to your bars?

No we do not add sugar to any of our bars. The Adapt Bars are sweetened with either Stevia only or a mix of Stevia and Erythritol. All Adapt Bars contain LESS than 1g Sugar, (NOT added). These sugars derive from the Protein or Nuts that we include in our bars.

5. Will Adapt bars affect my blood sugar?

The Keto Bar Minis and Keto Nut Minis have very little TOTAL carb and thus should not affect blood sugar. We do suggest, however, that you always test first if this is an important factor for you.

6. Will Adapt Keto Mini Bars affect my Ketone numbers?

They should not. In fact, the Keto Bar Minis and Keto Nut Minis have been known to actually increase blood Ketones.

7. Do Adapt Bars melt in hot weather?

All Adapt Bars are made with real ingredients and healthy fats and oils. This means that they are sensitive to heat. The most heat sensitive of all Adapt Bars are the Keto Bar Minis and Keto Nut Minis, since they contain the most amount of fat. We suggest storing all Adapt Bars in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

8. How do you ship in Summer months versus Winter months?

During the warmer summer months, (mid May-mid Oct) we ship Priority Mail (2-3 days) with a cold pack and liner. Mid Oct-mid May we ship Ground (3-8 days depending on your location). Please note, there’s always the possibility of delays depending on each carrier.

9. Will the Keto Bar Minis or Keto Nut Minis spoil if melted? 

No, simply pop them into the refrigerator for 30 min and they will solidify. They will not remain in their original shape (and they may not look as good), but they are perfectly fine to consume (not our intended eating experience).

10. Can I find the Adapt Bars in Stores?

We are in a few boutique retail stores, but currently not yet available in bigger box stores.

11. Do you offer free samples?

We offer variety packs for each of our Adapt Bars. This would be the best way to figure out which flavor you like best before ordering a full box.