July 22, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

3 foods to avoid on keto – Glen Finkel

Many of us are already aware of how bad sugar is for our health, there are so many foods that are absolutely packed with it and yet it’s easy to be completely unaware of hidden sugars in some of our most widely consumed foods. We end up unintentionally consuming copious amounts of sugar which can be particularly counterproductive for those trying to follow the keto diet. See the top 3 foods and drinks you should avoid.

Food to avoid on keto #1 – Beverages

The absolute biggest culprit when it comes to foods and drinks that contain high amounts of sugar are beverages. They’re easily and often mindlessly consumed as the sugars in them are dissolved and so they often appear to be benign. The problem is that we consume these beverages in such large amounts and end up inadvertently consuming huge amounts of sugar as well.Fruit juice, for example, contains more sugar in each drink than many carbonated drinks. Many of us grew up having a giant glass of freshly squeezed orange juice at breakfast time, fully believing that it was actually healthy for us! In reality, however, we’re actually consuming very large amounts of sugar.

Food to avoid on keto #2 – Cereal

We’re taught from a very early age that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet cereal, particularly the types of cereals that are aimed at kids, are one of the biggest sugar-laden everyday foods.Without mentioning any names in particular, just by turning over the box of many popular cereal brands, you’ll see that they contain absurd amounts of sugar! Not exactly the best way to start your day. None of us would knowingly give that amount of sugar to any of our kids, let alone have it ourselves.

Food to avoid on keto #3 – Condiments

We all enjoy condiments from time to time, and many of our go-to brands have a designated treasured spot in the refrigerator. They really are useful in packing heaps of flavor in seconds, but the problem with many condiments is that they also pack on heaps of sugar at mealtimes.Just by turning the bottle around and checking out the label will reveal how sugar-laden most condiments are. However, there are some brands out there that don’t have any added sugar and these are the ones you need to look out for as they can form a part of a well-balanced keto diet.


Remember to always turn over the bottle or box and look for the amount of sugar your packaged products contain before choosing to purchase them. For those of you wanting to know how to select better keto diet foods, or just about anyone really, we hope this information helps you make better choices next time you head down to the grocery store.