March 22, 2019 by Adapt Your Life

3 Steps To Starting Keto – Dr. Ken & Neisha Berry

Read the 3 steps to starting a low-carb diet that Dr. Ken & Neisha Berry give to all their new patients below.

Step #1 – Get rid of all sugars of any kind

Even locally grown, organic honey and agave nectar. All sugar must go.

Step #2 – Get rid of all grains. 

This means you’ll need to get rid of wheat, rice, oats, corn, quinoa, amaranth, all of it. Grains are what keep you from starving to death, they are not optimal food for a human.

Step #3 – Get rid of all vegetable oils of any kind. 

Get rid of the margarine, the “I can’t believe it’s not butter”, the “Country Crock”, the canola, the safflower, the soybean, the peanut, all of that, and use real fats when you cook.

Next steps

For many, just those three steps will make a marked improvement in their health, how they feel, how they look, how their markers look. That’s the beginning of Dr. Berry’s approach, when patients come back for follow-up visits, they’ll go into step four or five and six, which is to start adding appropriate fats, good fats eat some veg. Fruit may not be as good for you as you thought it was. Fruit is not the same today as it was 500 years ago. The next steps involve getting rid of all the simple carbs, processed carbs, leaving you with good vegetables and good fatty meats, which is what human beings have lived on for the last 200 thousand years.