New Chocolate Keto Bar Mini


With a hint of chocolate, amazing MCT oils and other sustainably sourced fats, this convenient Keto Bar Mini is a pure delight. Keep blood sugar spikes to a minimum and stay satiated. Made with superior quality ingredients.

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  • Nutritional Facts

    Serving Size: 20g

    Servings Per Container: 12

    Calories 100

    %Daily Value*
    Total Fat 9g 12%
    Saturated Fat 9g 45%
    Trans Fat 0g
    Cholesterol <5mg 1%
    Sodium 80mg 3%
    Total Carbohydrate 2g 1%
    Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
    Total Sugars 0g
    Added Sugars 0g 0%
    Protein 5g

    Vitamin D 0% Calcium 13%
    Iron 0% Potassium 47%

    *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. 

    Box contains 12 bars. The addition of bulking agents, fiber, fillers and preservatives would certainly make our keto bars heavier, but it would also add additional unwanted carbs. This is not desirable or true to the Adapt program.

    Store in cool dark place. If melted, simply pop into fridge to reform.

    20g Bar: Total Carbs 2g – Net Carbs 1g – Protein 5g – Sugar 0g – Fiber 1g

    Whey Protein Concentrate, Palm Kernel Oil, Almonds, Coconut Flakes, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Powder, MCT Oil, Butter, Lecithin (Sunflower), Natural Flavors, Salt & Stevia.

  • Total review score
    4.77 out of 5
    Based of 26 reviews
    1. Michael (verified owner)

      Goodbye Quest bars! There’s a new kid on the block and he’s taking over. Love these bars. Great flavor, compact and great mouth feel. These bars are the closest thing to my home made fat bombs and, unlike mine, they hold their structure. Try them. You’ll not be disappointed!

      • Adapt Your Life

        Hi Michael,

        We wanted to personally thank you for the positive review. We really appreciate you taking the time to do this. Your comments are a strong driving force behind what we are doing. Many thanks,
        The Adapt Support Team

    2. slsmith

      My husband and I have been on a low carb eating program for the past year and a half. I have eaten power crunch bars for a quick sweet snack, but these are 10 carbs. When I first saw these bars, I thought they might not be as satisfying because they are smaller, but after trying them, I was amazed at how satisfying they were. I like both the chocolate and coconut flavors, though haven’t tried others. They are very thick and rich, like fudge, and so good. Plus you are only getting 2 carbs! I recommend them highly.

    3. Elizabeth (verified owner)

      While the coconut is my favorite, the chocolate is an honestly good bar! If you like eating a mild chocolate tasting bar with a hint of coconut, this is it! It is very good. Very mildly sweet candy bar taste.

    4. Wendy Harvey

      I’m not a huge chocolate fan, so I wasn’t sure I would care for these. But they are quite good, kind of like a Mounds Bar I guess – chocolate with coconut flavor. Not too sweet – just enough. Great to carry in my purse!

    5. marcar714

      I just received the sample box today (Valentine’s Day), and I’m so surprised at how good these are! These bars are small but pack great taste, great texture, and fit really well into my macros. I generally don’t like “berry flavored” anything, but the berry Keto Bar is very subtly flavored and not overpowering. I travel a lot and these will be perfect for on the go nutrition. I just ordered 4 more boxes 🙂

    6. Ashlee Chaffee (verified owner)

      These are the best bars on the market! I’ve been using them for almost 3 years now and have tried every other bar on the market because I love bars! These have the best ingredients, don’t raise blood sugar, lowest TOTAL carbs by far (which is what matters), and satiate the best. Most bars have low NET carbs but cause cravings. These bars completely kick out cravings. They aren’t as sweet as some, but I’m a lover of sickening sweet and these are still sweet enough for me. I don’t care for the coconut, berry, or lemon, but it’s not that they aren’t good, just aren’t good enough. BUT, the chocolate is to die for with cookies and cream right up there!! I can’t say enough great things about these bars. I really appreciate the Adapt Team trying to help me with cravings instead of most companies that just want to make my cravings worse so I’ll buy more. I trust the Adapt Team has my health as priority. Also, the customer service is incredible. Very nice people. Thank you Adapt Team!!

    7. vurtilopmer

      It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

    8. David Peschel (verified owner)

      Like these bars a lot. Good taste, and they satisfy hunger. I highly recommend.

    9. Mickey M

      The Keto Mini’s are great in chocolate and when paired with almond butter give it a boost of protein that’s also delicious.

    10. Jennifer Petersen (verified owner)

      These are the best bars EVER! My keto coach recommended that I try them and I am so glad I did! I bought the chocolate, coconut and the variety pack. I love them all but my favorites are chocolate for the win, coconut and then lemon. They are the perfect snack for home or take in your purse/bag. It’s the right size and the perfect amount of sweetness and so very satiating! So glad I found these!

    11. John Christianson (verified owner)

      Small, but they pack a punch of flavor, fat and protein to keep you feeling full when you need it. They’re yummy too

    12. Debbie (verified owner)

      Love these chocolate bars. Small but just enough to really satisfy. Nice chocolate flavor that makes for a great little treat.

    13. Scott Lawrence (verified owner)

      The Mini Chocolate keto bar what’s fantastic! Just the right size, fantastic taste and I’m getting ready to order more!

      Scott Lawrence

    14. Hunt92 (verified owner)

      Well……when I took my first bite of the Chocolate Keto Mini Bar, I thought man, this thing is horrible and I have a whole box of them. The next day I ate another one. This time I started tasting more chocolate and sweetness. To be honest the more bars I’ve eaten, the better they taste. The texture is different but, it has gotten more appealing also. I now carry one or two with me so when I get the urge for something sweet I have one, and it really satisfies. I’ve eaten so many I had to order more.
      If you try them and don’t like them, don’t give up. They really do become better tasting and serve an excellent purpose.

    15. vuasongbac

      Nice recipe

    16. Jen (verified owner)

      Chocolate yay! Initially first bite, it is good tasting, but as you chew there is an off putting mouth feel, almost filmy, the texture is also not appealing.
      I tried a few flavors this is obviously my least favorite

    17. Monica Bass (verified owner)

      New to eating the whole Keto fat bombs…wanted something on hand to have to eat during my coffee break to replace other sugary treats I was previously doing. Bought both coconut and chocolate mini bars but even though I’m a coconut fan, the chocolate mini bars have won me over to order more of them. Very tasty! Good chocolate candy flavor with bit of coconut crunch without all the calories. Will order again to keep me going to better health!

    18. Cheryl Hulon

      I purchased the keto mini variety pack. I love the choices. So far I’ve tried the mini chocolate bar and loved it. Not too sweet, no cloying artificial sweetener taste. I haven’t “needed” to try the other flavors yet but I’m sure they will be wonderful.

    19. Peggy Saumer (verified owner)

      I ordered the chocolate mini bars, and I enjoyed them. It’s nice to have another low carb option. I’d definitely recommend them. I’ll be ordering more. I especially appreciate them when I’m on the go and not eating at regular times.

    20. Tina Combs (verified owner)

      These bars are delicious and just the right size for a sweet treat.

    21. andrea green (verified owner)

      Sorry, I can’t tolerate Stevia and somehow missed that in the ingredients. I am giving the bars to my daughter who loves them.

    22. KBE (verified owner)

      Great little chocolate bites. Love these. I like the coconut mini bars but I prefer these. They really hit the spot, are way too rich to overeat, and they are sweetened with stevia. So simple and yummy. Thank you for just 2 total carbs.

    23. Yvonne (verified owner)

      Small in size but big on taste! Perfect size – just enough to keep hunger at bay and very satisfying. Very convenient for super crazy busy days when you don’t have time to stop for a proper meal and don’t want to go astray.

    24. SUSAN GERTZ (verified owner)

      I find the taste of these strange. I love coconut, so that’s not it. I appreciate how low in carbs they are and the quality of the ingredients. I’m just on the fence about them.

    25. Susan Poka-Garces (verified owner)

      I was hesitant at first at how small they are but they are so satisfying and taste great!

    26. Robert Henderschedt (verified owner)

      Great product. Easily the best tasting and satisfying nutrition bar on the market for those who choose to follow the benefits of the Keto plan. It has the essential ingredients for good gut health. The bars are small so not a meal replacement…more like the between meal snack. Would suggest the addition of a larger bar to your offering. You have a good product so this addition would be helpful.

    27. Kathy

      Very good and helps keep the need to snack at bay, but doesn’t blow your diet. Life saver.

    28. Linda (verified owner)

      Chocolate keto mini bar is delicious. Not too sweet and just enough for a little snack!

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