We love creating and shipping your favorite KETO treats all year round, even though shipping in hot weather can be a tricky business. : )

1) Are my KETO treats shipped through high temperature areas whilst travelling to me?

Shipping throughout the US means that it’s possible your treats may go through “hot weather zones. Here are effective ways to ensure the best possible outcome.

  • Arrange delivery to an air-conditioned location (i.e., your office) where your package will quickly be brought indoors.  Otherwise, USPS will leave packages outdoors.
  • Expect and receive your delivery so that when it arrives, you can take it indoors into a cool area. If you are not home, USPS may leave it sitting outdoors in the heat.

2) Can you guarantee that my order will arrive in perfect condition?

Our Keto Bars are kept in a chilled temperature-controlled warehouse in Camanche, Iowa where they are inspected to ensure they leave in perfect condition.  Despite best efforts, we cannot guarantee that your Keto bars will arrive in excellent condition and are unable to issue refunds or replace products damaged by extreme temperatures.

3) What days are my KETO treats shipped?

As we get into the summer months (Mid May through Mid-October,) we ship Mondays through Wednesdays in order to limit time in transit so that your order does not sit over the weekend in a non-air-conditioned facility.

4) How many ice packs do you use per order?

We use ONE 16 oz. ice pack per 3 boxes or less, and TWO 16 oz. ice packs on orders of 4 boxes or more.

5) How long do ice packs last?

Ice Packs will not last longer than TWO days in high temp areas.  They are, however, reusable and make a perfect accompaniment to a lunch bag, picnic basket or cooler.

6) What happens if my KETO treats arrive melted?

Should your Keto treats melt in transit, simply place them in the refrigerator until they re-solidify (they may not look as pretty, but they are completely safe to eat, and you will derive the same great benefits).

If you still have questions, please feel free to email us at