Privacy Policy

In terms of section 11 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002 (“the ECT Act”) and the Common Law of Contract, this privacy policy is valid, binding and enforceable against all persons that access this website, web pages or any part thereof.

1. Definitions and Interpretation

In this privacy policy, the following expressions bear the meanings assigned to them below and cognate expressions bear corresponding meanings:

1.1 – “Adapt Your Life” means Adapt Your Life (Pty) Ltd

1.2 – “user” means any person who enters or uses the website, notwithstanding the fact that such a person may only visit the home page of the website; and

1.3 – “website” means the website, owned and operated by Adapt Your Life, located at, including any page, part of element thereof.

2. Our Security Responsibilities

We shall take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of users and for the purpose of this clause “personal information” shall be defined as detailed in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA).

We will ensure that:

2.1 – We take all reasonable steps to host our website in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced security measures to prevent interference or unauthorized access and/or disclosure from outside intruders. However, Adapt Your Life does not make any warranties or representations that content shall be 100% safe or secure.

2.2 – The information you give to us that is stored on or passes through our systems is protected.

2.3 – The links from our system to systems under the control of third parties (for example our payment gateway) are secure.

2.4 – Regular backups of data are performed to ensure it can be recovered in the case that any system failures occur.

2.5 – All access to our system is logged. If any unauthorized behavior should occur, this will assist us in identifying and resolving the issue.

2.6 – We take reasonable steps to secure your payment information and use a payment system that is sufficiently secure with reference to accepted technological standards at the time of the transaction.

3. Adapt Your Life may electronically collect, store and use the following personal information of users:

3.1 – name and surname;

3.2 – area code;

3.3 – street address;

3.4 – postal address;

3.5 – title;

3.6 – contact numbers;

3.7 – non-personal browsing habits and click patterns;

3.8 – email address; and/or

3.9 – IP address.

4. Adapt Your Life collects, stores and uses the abovementioned information for the following purposes:

4.1 – communicate requested information to the user;

4.2 – provide services to the user as requested by the user;

4.3 – authenticate the user;

4.4 – provide the user with access to restricted pages on this website; and

4.5 – compile non-personal statistical information about browsing habits, click patterns, and access to the website.

5. Information detailed above is collected either electronically by using cookies or is provided voluntarily by the user. Users may determine cookie use independently through their browser settings.

6. Adapt Your Life may collect, maintain, save, compile, share, disclose and sell information collected from users, subject to the following provisions:

6.1 – Adapt Your Life shall not disclose personal information of users unless the user consents thereto;

6.2 – Adapt Your Life shall disclose personal information without the user’s consent only through due legal process; and

6.3 – Adapt Your Life may compile, use and share any information that does not relate to any specific individual.

7. Adapt Your Life owns and retains all rights to non-personal statistical information collected and compiled by Adapt Your Life.

8. Please note the following security disclaimers: 

8.1 – The third parties whose systems we link to are responsible for the security of information while it is collected by, stored on or passing through the systems under their control.

8.2 – We will use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that our website and your information is not compromised. However, we cannot guarantee that no harmful code will enter our website (for example viruses, bugs, trojan horses, spyware or adware). You should be aware of the risks associated with using websites. Users may likewise not deliver or attempt to deliver, whether intentionally or negligently, any damaging code, such as computer viruses, robots, or spyware, to the website or the server and computer network that support the website.

8.3 – Notwithstanding criminal prosecution, any person who delivers or attempts to deliver any damaging code to the website, whether intentionally or negligently, shall, without any limitation, indemnify and hold Adapt Your Life harmless against any and all liabilities, damages, risks and losses that Adapt Your Life and its partners/affiliates may suffer as a result of such delivery, attempt or damaging code.

8.4 – Users may not develop, distribute, or use any device or programme designed to breach or overcome the security measures of the restricted pages, products and services on the website and Adapt Your Life reserves the right to claim damages from any and all persons involved, directly and indirectly, in the development, use and distribution of such devices or programmes.

8.5 – Users who commit any of the offences detailed in sections 85 to 88 of the ECT Act shall, notwithstanding criminal prosecution, be liable for all resulting liabilities, losses, destruction or damages suffered and/or incurred by Adapt Your Life and its partners/affiliates due to or related to these illegal actions.

8.6 – If the user experiences a problem or loss that is caused by information provided to Adapt Your Life by the user as a result of the user’s computer being compromised or by an event beyond the control of Adapt Your Life, Adapt Your Life cannot take responsibility for causing the problem.

9. Your security responsibilities

It is hereby recommended that the user take the following preventative steps:

9.1 – Install and activate appropriate security software on your computer. This should include anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam software.

9.2 – Run regular scans of the computer for viruses.

9.3 – Update security software to ensure that the user is always running the current version.

Additional steps to be taken to help protect the user’s computer include the following:

9.4 – Checking the Internet browser’s security settings for methods in to make browsing more secure.

9.5 – Ensure that secure pages have been entered when filling in credit card details. This is signified by a small yellow lock commonly seen at the bottom right of your browser and “http” shall change to “https” on the user’s address bar.

9.6 – Sign out after transacting electronically.

10. Protecting your password

The user should:

10.1 – Never share password details with anyone;

10.2 – Never send password details via email; and

10.3 – Make sure password details are as strong as possible.

11. PayPal, Credit and debit card information

11.1 – Safe and secure. Transacting with Adapt Your Life electronically (including transacting and using PayPal, credit or debit cards on the website) is safe and secure.

11.2 -Payment processing. Adapt Your Life does not get involved in any PayPal, credit or debit card transactions directly. All PayPal, credit and debit card transactions are handled or acquired for Adapt Your Life via Stripe, PayPal, Peach Payments who are the approved payment gateways for our bankers. No credit card details are stored on our website. Our payment gateway providers use the strictest form of encryption, namely Secure Socket Layer 3 (SSL3). You may go to the payment gateway provider website to view their security certificate and security policy.

11.3 – Payment verification. A Certificate Authority (“a CA”) checks, verifies, and certifies our service provider’s company registration documents and domains to ensure that nobody can impersonate them to obtain your payment Information.

11.4 – Secure URL. Once you begin the checkout process, the site URL will change from “http” to” https” and a small padlock will appear at the bottom of the screen. This is indicative of a secure Internet transaction.

12. Phishing

12.1 – Do not provide confirmation through links. Adapt Your Life will never ask you to confirm your username and password or other sensitive information by clicking on any links in an email.

12.2 – Be aware of “phishing” attacks where criminals attempt to obtain sensitive information by sending an email, masquerading as an email from Adapt Your Life, asking the user to access his/her account or verify information via links in the email, or diverting you to a fake Adapt Your Life website.

12.3 – Please report any suspected phishing attacks to Adapt Your Life immediately to prevent any harm to you or other users.

13. Contact us

13.1 – Any suspicious or unauthorized activity relating to use of may be reported by contacting us at

13.2 – This will help make Adapt Your Life as secure as possible.

14. Our right to take action

14.1 – We reserve the right to take whatever action we may deem necessary at any time to preserve the security and reliable operation of our system.  The user undertakes not to do (or permit anything to be done) that may compromise the system under the control of Adapt Your Life.

15. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

15.1 – This privacy policy is in all respects governed by and construed under the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

16. General

16.1 – If any provision of these terms and conditions, including this provision be wholly or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Instead of the ineffective or missing conditions the respective legal regulations shall be valid.

16.2 – Except as expressly provided in a particular “legal notice” on the website, the Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between you and Adapt Your Life with respect to the use of the website and content.

16.3 – Any failure by Adapt Your Life to exercise or enforce any right or provision shall in no way constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

16.4 – Adapt Your Life shall not be liable for costs incurred by users to obtain professional advice relating to the Terms and Conditions and the privacy policy .